What You Can Expect from your EarlyON Child and Family Centre


EarlyON Centres support parents and helps them to understand child development and early learning.

EarlyON Centres provide a place for children to play and learn, be curious and engaged.

EarlyON Centres understand that families value their culture and community.

EarlyON Centres give you a chance to play and enjoy your children.

EarlyON Centres understand the importance of having access to programs that support Indigenous and Francophone language and culture.

EarlyON Centres support parents to access relevant up to date information about community and specialized services.

EarlyON Centres respond to concerns about child development through conversations and sharing observations.

EarlyON Centres set up play spaces where children and families can be themselves, feel accepted and feel like they belong.

EarlyON Centres include and involve families in a respectful and authentic way, allowing them to express their thoughts and beliefs.

EarlyON Centres will offer programs during evening hours and weekends, closer to where families live, work and play.