Best Start Hubs

Best Start Hubs are free family centres located in schools throughout Greater Sudbury. They offer children and their families a place to meet, to learn and to grow together. First time visiting your neighbourhood Best Start Hub? Things you may want to know before you go…

List of Best Start Hubs

Click on a Hub name for more details about each Hub, including a map, public transit info and more. Or, for a printable list of all Best Start Hub names, phone numbers and addresses, click here.

Not familiar with Greater Sudbury's neighbourhoods? This interactive map of the City of Greater Sudbury, shows the locations of Best Start Hubs, as well as parks, libraries and recreation facilities and trails. 

Aboriginal Hub

Address: St. David's School, 549 Frood Road
Phone: (705) 586-0710
Events: Check our calendar events here.

Carrefour centre-ville

Address: École publique Jeanne-Sauvé, 300 Van Horne St., Sudbury
Telephone: (705) 673-0131
Events: Check our calendar events here

Carrefour Chelmsford

Phone: (705) 855-2219
Address: École Alliance St-Joseph 3634 Errington St, Chelmsford
Events: Check our calendar events here.

Carrefour Hanmer

Phone: (705) 969-8888
Address: École Notre Dame, 4503 Dennie St., Hanmer
Events: Check our calendar events here.

Carrefour nouveau-Sudbury

Telephone: (705) 566-4135
Address :  École catholique Félix-Ricard, 691 Lasalle Blvd, Sudbury
Schedule and events: Find our calendar events here.

Carrefour Sudbury Est

Phone: (705) 898-2754
Address: Ecole St Antoine - 20 rue St Antoine, Noëlville
Events: Check our calendar events here.

Chelmsford Hub

Phone:  (705) 855-2334
Address:  St. Charles Catholic School, 26 Charlotte Street, Chelmsford
Schedule: For calendar events at this Hub click here.

Copper Cliff Hub

Phone: (705) 682-9619
Address: Copper Cliff Public School, 50 School Street, Copper Cliff
Events: Check our calendar events here.


Donovan Hub

Phone: (705) 586-7100
Address: Lansdowne Public School, 185 Lansdowne St.Sudbury
Events: Check our calendar events here.

Garson Hub

Phone: (705) 693-5575
Address: Northeastern Elementary School, 45 Spruce Street, Garson
Events: Check our calendar events and schedule here.

Hanmer Hub

Address:  Main Hub- Redwood Acres Public School, Hanmer
Phone: (705) 969-4040
Events and Schedules: Check our calendar events here.

LaCloche Best Start Hub

Phone: (705) 869-5545 
Address : Main Hub - Sacred Heart School - 273 Mead Boulevard, Espanola, ON, P3E 1B3
Events and Schedules: Check our calendar of events here.

Minnow Lake Hub

Phone: (705) 525-7707
Address: Pius XII Catholic School, 44 Third Avenue, Sudbury
Events: Click here for our calendar.


New Sudbury Hub

Phone: (705) 222-9683
Address:  Churchill Public School, 1722 Fielding Street, Sudbury
Events: Check our calendar events here.

South Central Hub

Phone: (705) 222-1826
Address:  Macleod Public School – 23 Walford Road, Sudbury

Events and schedules: Check our calendar events here.

South End Hub

Phone: (705) 523-0586
Address: Algonquin Road Public School, 2650 Algonquin Road, Sudbury
Events: Check our calendar events here.


West End Hub

Phone: (705) 671-3199
Address: St. Francis Catholic School, 691 Lilac Street, Sudbury
Events: Check our calendar events here.