Helping your kids play safe

Helping your kids play safe

Kids need lots of play to use their imaginations, exercise, socialize and build their skills. But, being active and curious can come with risks, so it’s important to make sure that kids have safe places to play and that their play doesn’t result in serious or life altering injury.

You’ll see from this recent report that accidental injuries are the leading cause of hospitalization and death among children over the age of one.

Good information and a little planning can help parents to minimize the risks that can come along with play.

Health Canada has a guide on injury prevention that can help. And, for information about consumer products, including product recalls and how to report unsafe products, go to Health Canada's Recalls and Safety Alerts website. has another great website that focuses on injury prevention and has excellent information on how to keep kids safe - at home, at the playground, in the water, and on the road.

Here are more safety tips from the Canadian Paediatric Society for dealing with a whole range of subjects- including staying safe playing contact sports, skiing and snowboarding, jumping on the trampoline, riding an ATV or snow machine and on the internet.

Just about every kid likes to cycle, scooter or skateboard. Teaching children about safety while they’re young will help reduce the risks of injury or even death for years to come. has these great safety resources on "wheeled activties".

Finally, Best Start Hubs offer a wide range of resources you can use to ensure your young ones play in a safe and supportive environment.


This content was prepared and reviewed by the City of Greater Sudbury and its partners. However, it should not take the place of advice from your health care provider or other professionals working with you and your child. 

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